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Client: Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers
Medium: Digital Illustration
Size: Various sizes
Use: Children's Book

From School Library Journal
PreSchool-Grade 2—A girl dressing for the day has a hard time deciding what she will wear. Her choices are shown in bright illustrations that include her similarly attired pet turtle. The clothes are "too purpley…too itchy…too feathery," etc. Some of her outfits are shown on spreads: "too stripey" has stripes everywhere, including across the letters and on the turtle, which is trying to creep off the page. In "too matchy," her dress is exactly like the slipcover on a chair. This little fashionista is not a princess or a Fancy Nancy, so her eventual choice is an outfit that is "comfy." This fun book has lots of descriptive words that tickle the ear, great colors and patterns, and a charming protagonist.—Elaine Lesh Morgan, Multnomah County Library, Portland, OR
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From Booklist
Author Reidy’s first picture book features an insistent young girl (and future fashionista) who finds fault with every outfit she is offered. Her complaints range from “too purpley” to “too feathery” to “too polka-dotty” and everything in between. Leloup, also in her picture-book debut, manages to follow Reidy’s imaginative, rhyming text, illustrating such challenges as “too matchy” (a dress with the same pattern as the wallpaper, carpeting, and chair) and “too baggy” (a jumper that looks as if it were created from a brown paper bag, including pinked edges). Luckily for everyone, she manages to find something (“So comfy! Just right”) in time to catch the school bus. Children and parents are sure to identify with this girl’s sartorial issues, and Leloup’s whimsical watercolors highlight the absurdity of her choices. Pair this with Margaret Chodos-Irvine’s Ella Sarah Gets Dressed (2003) for an apparel-themed story hour. A companion volume, Too Pickley!, is in the works. Preschool-Kindergarten. --Kay Weisman

 From Publisher's Weekly
"Debut author Reidy’s couplets about a fussy dresser deliver their message with maximum economy. Leloup’s persnickety toddler looks like a paper doll; she’s a two-dimensional cutie-pie with dots for eyes, pigtails, and an awesome collection of outfits. Unfortunately, she doesn't like any of them. “NOT THESE CLOTHES!” she yells at her mother, who enters carrying an enormous pile of options. “Too purpley,” the girl continues, as she is seen dressed in a purple pullover and jumper, against purple wallpaper (even her pet turtle is purple). The complaints add up: “Too tickly, too puckery, too prickly,” she wails, as the toddler laughs at a big furry sweater, tries to smooth out a wrinkly outfit, and holds her arms out so her cactus sweater doesn't stick her. Neatly constructed rhymes carry through to the girl’s selection of sneakers, a pullover, jumper, and pair of pants—she rejects all the Fancy Nancy finery for sensible everyday wear. “So comfy!” she finishes. “Just right!” Both art and text have a somewhat generic feel, but they’re tidily executed, and a clothing-obsessed readership awaits. Ages 3–5. "

from Kirkus Reviews
Fussy dressers, this one's for you! "NOT THESE CLOTHES!" hollers a pigtailed, underwear-clad narrator, her bellow stretching across a double-page spread to a mom-like figure holding a towering pile of options. The girl tries and rejects each outfit in swift, glorious, rhyming, upper-case complaint: "Too purpley, too tickly, / too puckery, / too prickly. / Too itchy, / too scratchy, / too stitchy, / too matchy!" Too strappy's covered in buckles; too baggy's a paper sack. Leloup's digital illustrations are two-dimensional but energetic, her protagonist a vehement preschooler with a Charlie Brown-shaped head. A wee turtle companionably echoes the outfit changes, as does the background wallpaper. This smorgasbord of colors and patterns approaches garishness, but only the too stripey spread glares painfully (and even the character shuts her eyes in disgust). It's too bad the last page isn't more harmonious in hue, as the girl finally (and inexplicably-but isn't that how it works?) declares a jumper over jeans and turtleneck to be "So comfy! Just right." Clothing-decision screamers and their caretakers will relate and laugh. (Picture book. 2-5)

From Bookbag UK
4 ½ star review. Great fun and has wonderful illustrations’
Genevieve Leloup's illustrations go a long way to making the book click so well. Every page is similar to the front page: the young girl showing why her clothes aren't suitable. It's just like a parade of dolls in different outfits, with her appropriate and amusing expressions. From the necessary blinking when you get to the too stripy page, to the laughter at her in a chicken outfit in too feathery, every page brings something new to the mix and will be loved by young children.

from The Truth About Books UK

Too Purply is an enchanting book full of life and colour that will appeal to both sexes; with its rhythmic, undulating prose and fabulously vibrant illustrations, it is a real pleasure to read and look at. Too Purply is an enchanting book full of life and colour that will appeal to both sexes; with its rhythmic, undulating prose and fabulously vibrant illustrations, it is a real pleasure to read and look at . . . this is a too-gorgeous-not-to-have kind of book’

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