© 2010 Geneviève Leloup
Client: Bloomsbury Books for Young Readers
Medium: Digital Illustration
Size: Various sizes
Use: Children's Book

From School Library Journal
l"Leloup’s bright, digitally mastered illustrations keep up with the comic pace of Reidy’s bouncy rhymes. Fans of the first book will enjoy the exaggerated humor of this hard-to-please youngster."——Martha Simpson, Stratford Library Association, CT

From Booklist
The girl who finds fault with page after page of outfits in Reidy and Leloup’s Too Purpley! (2010) has a counterpart in this book about a hungry boy who is repelled by all sorts of food ...
The irascible illustrations placed on brilliantly colored pages vividly show the amusing antics of the freckle-faced boy and his hamster sidekick, earning this a place among the glut of picture books about picky eaters (Mary Ann Hoberman’s The Seven Silly Eaters, 1997, and Alan Durant’s Burger Boy, 2005, to name just two). Preschool-Kindergarten. --Randall Enos

From Young Adults and Kid's Books Central
"The fabulous writing & illustrating team from Too Purpley is back and choosier than ever in this colorful companion book, Too Pickley. Their choices--of both words and images--is the readers gain as we giggle & snort our way through page after page of delightful delicacies.This duo really knows how to engage the preschool crowd. This book is adorably irresistible! "

From Kirkus Reviews
"Rejoice, gleeful mealtime fussbudgets: Too Purpley! (2010) has a sibling, and it’s called Too Pickley! Reidy’s pithy, energetic text...scans and rhymes so exuberantly that it feels joyful even though it’s about revulsion.  The verse is so satisfying that young listeners will recite along and demand seconds. Tuck in!"--

From Goodreads
...Reidy's playful rhyming text is once again brought to life by Leloup's stylish bold art. Parents (and children) will love the hilarious antics the boy goes through, and the reassuring joy at the end of all that kitchen-table drama.

Grom Super Storytimes UK
In the same series as ‘Too Purply! Too Prickly is another colourful adventure, this time about a little boy & his happy hamster chum looking for something delicious to eat. Perfect for that little picky eater we all know, this picture book uses fantastic describing words combined with hilarious illustrations full of fun detail.
I read this book with a group of year one/two pupils who found it hysterical and loved the funny words such as ‘too burpy’! The colours caught their eye immediately and the hamster helper was a firm favourite. One child did not like the word ‘too’ on every page.
I felt the illustrations brought the character to life and the front cover grabs attention, appealing to young children. Little ones could read along with the help of a grown up due to the simple language and children aged 6 plus could happily attempt alone.
The two books linked in well to our class target which was using describing words, even though some words were made up it helped the children understand how we can describe something.

From the Bookbag UK
It's Too Purply! with food. That about sums it up, but for those of you who haven't already fallen in love with Jean Reidy's tale of getting dressed, Too Pickly! looks at a little boy (and his hamster) deciding what to eat. Dish by dish, he rejects them for being too pickly, too wrinkly, too burpy, too stringy, and so on, until he finds the one that's just right.
It's a deceptively simple picture book, but I love it. The repetition and pared down plot will strike a chord with the very youngest book fans. The intriguing adjectives keep the interest alive for slightly older readers - perhaps even those in the earliest stages of learning to read for themselves. The humour and charm in Genevieve Leloup's jolly, vibrant and upbeat illustrations make it a real joy for all ages, including the adults reading the stories.
It is just the same as Too Purply!, but as with My Animals and My Circus by Xavier Deneux, the quality is so high that I really don't mind. We can go ahead and knock half a mark off for lack of originality, if you really care. I'll then insist that we stick half a mark back on for a clever touch at the end. In Too Purply!, the heroine is seen in her perfect dress. Here, rather than offering a suggestion for a perfect meal, the plate is empty, save a few nondescript crumbs and smears of sauce. It acknowledges that kids can be faddy with their food - or perhaps, more accurately, parents can be. Third person the story may be, but it's nice to not turn off any kids or parents unnecessarily. There's space provided to write your child's favourite foods at the end if you so desire.
Everything that Too Pickly! does, it does perfectly. It's great fun and warmly recommended.’s 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

"We were extremely picky in choosing products for the guide - we brought in over a thousand products to review.  If a product was highly educational but not really fun or if it was entertaining but didn’t contribute to the child’s physical, emotional, or cognitive development, it didn’t make the guide.